1800ADMIN - A Technical Consulting Company


Founded in 2011 with the vision of providing innovative software solutions to commercial, governmental agencies and non-profit customers. We have successfully delivered full system lifecycle implementations for both small and large projects. Building on more than 30+ years of combined experience, we add real value to global organizations through domain expertise plus solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service. We pretty much do everything in the computer world and we are 8(a) certified.

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1800ADMIN comprises a global team of world-class professionals led by some of the strongest leaders in the business.Every member of 1800ADMIN's leadership team is committed to creating value for our company, our employees and our clients. Their guidance and expertise is a key component in 1800ADMIN's ability to safely, successfully and effectively execute our business strategies. Our fundamental goal is to maximize performance and create sustainable value for our customers through collaboration, perseverance and continuous communication.

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We firmly believe that we can provide our customers with a solution which is rich in required business processes and scalable. Our outstanding enterprise management, customer-facing services provide accountability, and manage and monitor future growth of the company. We are one stop solution for all the IT needs.


1800ADMIN is widely recognized in offering unique capabilities for ERP, Engineering, Business Intelligence, System/Database management services. We leverage our depth of knowledge to enable our clients to realize greater business value from a much higher quality of services at a low overall cost.


Our extensive knowledge and multiple implementation experience across all major industries mean that we have the first-hand knowledge of the business and technology innovations that are beneficial to any business. Our experienced project team will accelerate the solution delivery and meet the deadline.


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